Easley’s Bicycle Patrol

The City of Easley’s Police Force includes a Bicycle Patrol. Over the recent July 4th holiday, two of Easley’s Police Force took to the streets to patrol by bicycle, keeping an eye on the festivities, answering questions and being helpful as needed.

Police Officer David C. Garrison, and Police Officer D.L. Brinston

Police Officer David C. Garrison, and Police Officer D.L. Brinston described their typical bicycle patrol. “The police cars are fitted with bike racks. We usually park outside of a neighborhood and take our bikes off to patrol. We are checking property; homes, cars, and garages, ” said Garrison. “During the day, we often have kids greet us and it gives us an opportunity to speak to them and let them know we are there to help make the neighborhood safe. It helps when kids learn not to fear the police.”

Brinston patrols on bicycle nearly every night if the weather permits. He will ride during the 7 pm to 7 am night shift for 3-4 hours, moving from neighborhood to neighborhood by car and then parking to do a cycle patrol around the community. Brinston said, “In more distressed neighborhoods the bicycle allows us to come up on issues without being noticed. We always work in pairs when in these areas. Officer safety is a proirity. If we have an arrest, we call in a backup car.”

Brinston is originally from Mississippi, where his family is in law enforcement. “Drug use is the source of most of the crime,” he said. Garrison is from Easley, He rides about 4 or 5 days per month. “The use of the bikes depends on the number of calls we have,” noted Garrison.

Each of the two policemen looked cool enough wearing uniform issue shorts, but under their shirts they wear bullet-proof vests for safety. Each officer wears a heavy belt full of police gear and a radio that crossed over onto their chest. The two make it look easy onb a bicycle, but this is still a tough job.

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